Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day

The first day of school went well. For the most part, the students are well behaved, however I have huge classes (30+) this year! Let's hope that there's enough funds to hire another teacher and/or some students transfer to a different school.


Margaret said...

You have 30+ 6th graders?? That sends shivers down my spine, especially since, as teachers, we know that we're in the "honeymoon" period right now. My classes are around 30 but they are 10-12 graders.

laniza said...

I know!! So, I have to come up with ways to make my classes exciting, because with that many young students it can get chaotic really fast.

I'm going to try Interactive Student Notebooks this year--wish me luck!

KC said...

Yep...welcome to the real world of teaching where class sizes are ridiculously large. Engagement is definitely going to be key.

As far as interactive notebooks, I tried it last year for my pre-AP Reading/Language Arts classes....and I loved it!!!! Let me know if you have any questions or need tips.